Red Dragon Potency Pills

For Men who want a better sex life.

Red Dragon potency pills

  • Gives you a fuller and longer lasting erection.
  • Are all natural, herbal supplements.
  • Treatment for impotency and ED Erectile Dysfunction.

Is Red Dragon Potency Supplements For You? Always consult your doctor when taking body enhancement supplements. Red Dragon is for all men any age, who want to have a better, healthier, fun sex life! Red Dragon potency supplements (pills) are a natural alternative to the “blue pill”, that treats male impotency and is a remedy erectile dysfunction. Red Dragon supplements are also a sexual aid to help the natural process of  maturing men who want to enhance their sex lives with  a fuller and longer lasting erection.

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Directions: Take one pill with a full glass of water 30-40 minutes before sex, preferably with an empty stomach. Alcohol effects the results.

Ingredients: Protin, Glutamine (Amino acid), Arginine (Amino acid), Histidine (Amino acid), Arginine (Amino acid), Aspartin acid, Tyrosine (Amino acid), Phenilamine, Lysine (Amino acid), Lysine (Amino acid), Glycine, Threonine (Amino acid), isoleucine (Amino acid), alanine (Amino acid), serine (Amino acid), Methionine (Amino acid), thryptophan (Amino acid) Including vitamins: B1, B2, B12 & E, calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Cupric & natural Herbs


2 thoughts on “Red Dragon Potency Pills

  1. I am 64 years of age and I have enjoyed an active sex life to its full. However over the last year or so, I have been having problems with lasting erection. There are from what I have seen, two types of Red Dragon pills, one as the title implies are Red and the others are Blue. What is the difference.

    • If you are getting them from the same supplier, there is no difference. The manufacturer makes them in batches and uses different colors. It’s bad marketing, but that’s the Chinese for you! If you are comparing two different suppliers, with two different colored pills, it may still be different batches or one of them may be claiming to be Red Dragon and be a scam.

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